• Main body: carbonized mahogany, Indian mahogany fingerboard, mixed radian: 9.5-14.
  • Neck: Charcoal-roasted Canadian hard maple, built-in reinforcement, no deformation, 22 strings, easy to change strings, feel better.
  • Strings: The effective string length is 648mm, the standard string is 1046, and the stainless steel ball-end polished high-gloss wear-resistant string.
  • Pickups: 2 open single-coil pickups, which can play pop, jazz, blues and other music styles; semi-closed double-coil pickups, high-frequency transparent, bright, low-frequency thick, strong, metal rock style realization.
  • Five gear switching: potentiometer 500k, capacitor 223J, 102 high frequency compensation, each gear has a clear pitch frequency level, which can meet the different performances of guitarists.