EART E-3S custom
EART E-3S custom
EART E-3S custom
EART E-3S custom


EART E-3S custom

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6 String Solid-Body, Dual pickups, Vibrato System, Right, Rainbow Colors, Full

 Body: a pair of Russian light white wooden body
 Neck: Carbonized lightweight Russian white wood paired with carbonized neck
 Fingerboard: Carbonized maple fingerboard, Compound Radius 9.5-14
 Fret: 22 fret, nickel-silver hardened fret.
 Pickups: Korean ARTEC single-single-double collocation
 Strings: Specification 0942, Scale Length 648mm 610mm
 String reel: Made in Korea, Zhenhao, with ratio tuners of 16:1
 Vibrato System: Made in Korea, Seiichi, single shake.
 Capacitance: American Spey 223J.
 Potentiometer: Taiwan 500K, 1A1B.