EART @ 2023 Music China

EART @ 2023 Music China

The 2023 Music China took center stage from October 11th to 14th in Shanghai, China. The EART booth was crowded with music enthusiasts from around the world, eager to try EART products.

We're exciting to share some wonderful photos with you!

We brought over 70 models of electric guitars and basses to the Expo, including all the top sellers and new models.eart in 2023 music china
Our customers and us we had great fun!eart in 2023 music china
eart in 2023 music china
And we're looking forward to see you guys next time in the near future. 

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eart headless guitareart 380 guitar
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Keep me poster when you make a Tele that weighs 6.5 lbs. Most guitar look at weights of guitars Michael Kelly is making weight reduction guitars if you look at him he’s drilling holes in the back of the guitar to lighten up the weights I tried a couple of them I think they’re great but they don’t have stainless steel frets on them which I don’t like. They usually come in at around 6 1/2 pounds or just a little lighter but not heavier. The guitar is called a Michael Kelly enlightened take a look at it I’m trying to help you to sell your guitars better because weight means a lot when you’re holding the guitar on stage for three hours for shoulder starts hurting even with a big strap.


Think about making a 1-7/8 to 2 inch nut for us guitarists who play classical guitars. Hard to transition with a narrow nut. Do it and I’ll buy a tele Eart.


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