Lu Yanming, the Shining Star of the Music World

In the realm of music, there are those who stand out with their extraordinary talent and unwavering pursuit of the arts. Lu Yanming, the guitarist and music producer from Jinan, Shandong, is precisely such a luminary in the field of music.

*Professional Background:*

Lu Yanming's musical journey began at the prestigious Music Institute of America, where he honed his guitar performance skills and was awarded the International Merit Scholarship, a testament to his exceptional abilities in the field of guitar performance.


His talents have been widely recognized in the industry, with the honor of being the runner-up in the original group of the Yade Cup "Guitar China Electric Guitar Competition," and winning the Best Arranger Award and the championship in the second dimension group of the first "Chinese Arranger Competition," both are the best affirmations of his musical talents.

*Professional Judge:*

Not only has Lu Yanming achieved excellence in creation and performance, but he has also contributed to the development of Chinese music culture by serving as a professional judge for the 15th Midi Awards, showcasing his profound musical literacy and professional insight.

*Music Design:*

On the other side of the music industry, Lu Yanming has served as a music designer at Tencent's Tianmei Audio Center, combining his musical talent with modern technology to create countless unforgettable musical works.

*International Collaborations:*

His musical reach extends to the international stage, where he has collaborated with renowned artists such as Yumi Matsuzawa, the singer for the "Saint Seiya" Hades Chapter in Japanese anime, and YURiKA, the singer of the theme song for "Little Witch Academia," demonstrating his international perspective and professional capabilities in music production.


Lu Yanming, a musician who writes the story of life with his guitar and notes, an artist who continuously explores and innovates on the path of music. Let us look forward to more heart-touching musical works from him, and continue to shine in the world of music with his unique brilliance.

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